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Diesel Engine Pump, Water pump, Self-priming pump, Dewatering pump

Friday,Mar 22, 2019
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About Us
 People can copy what we’ve done, but they can’t copy what we are going to do. The best part of LIRAN is endless innovation ability according to the developing market.
When our first large diesel pump was sold with following incredible feedback in 2014, we both knew LIRAN was ready for a decent size slice of pie. Today we still remember the anxiety from Isaac who is a engineer in Nigeria. He worked for local agriculture department and his boss asked Isaac to find a machine which could solve the lasting drought issue in one of the farms.
He even forgot how many companies he had talked with when he received our offer. Many suppliers suggest him to use mobile diesel water pump with trailer. Because it is a big oval pool, a mobile type pump seemed helpful to move water from one place to another. But Isaac could not completely agree on them due to his instinct. This is also why he didn’t give up searching and finally found us. After asking all the questions abou... [More Information]
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